Prodema Decking

High-density non-repetitive pattern decking made with natural wood.

NATURDECK-B is a floor for exteriors that is highly resistant to atmospheric changes in moisture and

temperature. It repels stains, mold, and bacteria, so it is ideal for terraces and the area around

swimming pools.


Each panel was manufactured with a natural oak wood veneer, providing a unique, different,

unrepeated, texture. It offers the aesthetic naturalness that wood imitation solutions cannot provide.


The surface composition of the boards protects the wood from the most extreme conditions, eliminating

any need for subsequent treatment.


Unalterable product dimensional and size stability. The boards do not have delamination and the

structural integrity of the layers of which the product is made is maintained. Neither is their

deterioration in technical performance caused by the biological attack of fungi and termites.


The triple -layer exterior film encapsulates the product and makes it non-porous, protecting it from dirt

and providing anti-graffiti properties.

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