Siding Panels: Finex Wall Systems

Finex Systems—The Finest Fiber Cement Panels in the World


Finex Fiber Cement Wall Panels are extremely versatile and can be used for rainscreen panels, decking, balconies, foundation cover, wall cladding, head barriers and impact barriers. Our panels are available in various thicknesses, finishes, and colors and are non-combustible, moisture resistant, and rot resistant, even when used below grade. With Finex you get both the perfect insulated foundation solution and exposed fastener “rainscreen” panel solution all in one.

Finex Panels are Available:

  •  Finished with an array of standard colors or no finish at all.
  •  ¼” and ½” Thicknesses (6mm and 12mm respectively).
  •  Moisture resistant, non-combustible and will not rot, even below grade!
  •  Smoot finish or textured
  •  Factory applied color finish.
  •  Exposed fastener “rainscreen” panel solution.
  •  Perfect Insulated Foundation Solution!

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