Glazed-In Panels

NovaTech Glaze-In PanelsGlazed-in panels are designed to be used as a “replacement for glass” in many glazing systems, including exterior, interior and structural silicone glazed. Glazed-in metal panel systems are available in a variety of materials, thicknesses, profiles, colors and as both single or double sided, to accommodate different design requirements. Panels can be made to fit in a variety of systems and can have features such as “Bump-outs” if needed to match the styles of other panel systems in the facade.

Glazed-in panels are used in instances where glass is not needed in a glazing system. Often, a curtain wall system will be utilized for a continuous look across a facade, but glass and the additional cost of glass are not needed for the areas enclosed. When there are areas of the curtain wall that span over other elements of the facade, such as precast, glazed in panels become a preferred choice for cost and visibility reasons.

Single sided glazed-in panels are an excellent choice when the panel will not be visible from the back side. In situations where the back side is visible, a double sided panel can be selected to have a finished surface on both sides. If your desire is to have the glazed-in panel flush with the outer mullion, we can accomadate that request as well!

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